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RS-485 bus is used for connecting sensors to a Poseidon unit for up to 1 000 meter distance. RS-485 sensors uses 4 wires connection (A, B, +, -) or standard...

A mounting kit for installing HWg devices to a DIN rail.

S-Hub represents a device which allows connecting RS-485 sensors to Poseidon Family units. The RS-485 bus is connected to the Poseidon model 1250 via TP...

Hand tool for Terminal IO strip "WAGO" handle. Small Screwdriver can be used as well.

T-Box hub is designed for connecting sensors over 1-Wire bus to Poseidon Family units. The 1-Wire bus is connected via phone cables and RJ11 connectors (or...

standalone Network Video Recorder solution for systems with IP cameras

Switch for 2x RJ12 sensors. Connection plug is equipped with RJ12 connector, product is supplied with a 3m cable.

Cable for connecting a GSM modem to Poseidon 2250. (Only RxD, TxD a GND signals are connected).

12V / 0.5A power adapter, EU version.

Two 10 pin green connectors for connecting peripherals to a standard I/O Controller2. One connector is also always delivered with every I/O Controller.

12V / 0.5A power adapter, US version.

Self-adhesive hook and loop fastener 3M™ Dual Lock™

UK plug power adaptor 12V / 0.5A

EDGE router ER75i interconnects equipment with ethernet 10/100 or serial interface via EDGE technology into Internet or intranet – computers, controlling...

A power adaptor with IEC-320 C14 power plug input.

Serial port splitter cable for connecting Poseidon RC Cable (2 relay outputs) to GSM modem. For use with Poseidon 1250 or 2250.
3 Cannon DB9: Cannon...

Back-up power supply BP-12 can be used to supply any device requiring 12V DC.

Single-phase electrocity meter 63A with M-Bus

24V DC power adapter for AirFlow 600304, EU version.

3 phase 380V M-Bus energy meter for direct measuring (max load 63A). Pulses & M-Bus data output - 3x230V/400V, (5)63A.

1 meter long cable - power jack to 2 wires converter.

Prolong non-sensitive cable 5m for WLD type A. Can be extended to up to 100m in total.

TC55i GSM Quadband modem to RS-232 serial port. Antenna and EU power adapter included. Recommended for North & South America.

Leader 2m cable for connecting HWg-WLD to detection cable type "A". Terminator included.

Extending communication RS-232 cable, 2m long.

5V STE power adapter, EU version.

Communication RS-232 cable LapLink (5 wire).

5V STE power adapter, US version.

DIN Relay - 2 switch contacts 10 A.

Southco electronic swing-handle for rack/cabinet access systems. Can be extended by HWg-SH2 or HWg-SH3 for Web/SNMP remote cabinet door access control....

DIN Relay - 1 switch contact 10 A.

Power-boosted hub, compatible with 1-Wire and 1-Wire UNI bus. With 1-Wire hub Power, several sensors with higher current consumption (such as Sensor 60V 1W-...

Profiles for metal-cased HWg devices wall mounting.

HWg-SMS-GW is a gateway that enables HW group products to send text message alarms. Sends SMS alarms from all HW group products on your LAN network. No...

19" rack mount bracket for Poseidon 4xxx.